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  1. Mozilla 1.2.x Framework
  2. Client-Server Model
    1. Database

                                                              i.      UI Database

                                                            ii.      POS Database

    1. Server

                                                              i.      Using Blackwood XPCONN to JavaPOS for drivers.

                                                            ii.      Using Blackwood XPCONN to Rosettanet for B2B framework.

                                                          iii.      Using XPServer as the Java Bridge.

                                                          iv.      XPCONN to E-commerce gateways. (ex. Verisign Payflow-Pro, and MCCVS types of systems).

                                                            v.      Using Blackwood XPCONN to jPOS financial system.

                                                          vi.      ODBC to most databases.

                                                        vii.      HTTP XPServer server for UI and POS data.

*Please note, XPServer here is NOT MS XP Server, it is the Apache Module for XPCONN.

    1. Reporting Module

                                                              i.      RDF export (reports, financials, etc).

                                                            ii.      XML export

                                                          iii.      Report Template System

    1. Client

                                                              i.      Client: Renders UI data, handles input and output to different devices (in: barcode scanner, etc. out: Display Bar (LCD))

                                                            ii.      Multiple Printer and output support.

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